pimentaCHAT Bots

The ideal platform for workflow and community support automation

We're improving the way we do bots

We want to make it easy for bot makers to provide the best solutions and experience for their community.

A team has been assigned and in the coming months will be analyzing the data we recently collected through our Bots Survey and producing new features based on the feedback we received.

Thank you to all those who completed this survey; as ever the community's input is vital to the work we do.

Using Bots

pimentaCHAT encourages chatbot and messaging automation integrations and has released comprehensive bot documentation to guide you through the bot-making process, from creating bot users to configuring the bot environment.

Although our Bot Survey is now closed, you can continue contributing ideas by joining the discussion on our #bots channel.


pimentaCHAT has supported bots since the beginning, with our internal Hubot and adapter, enabling chat-ops workflows with multi-channel, multi-user, public and private interactions.

We're pushing that forward now with new headline features and a roadmap of priority issues that will unlock the potential for community contributions.