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pimentaCHAT: Workflow collaboration tool


by Gabriel Morais

pimentaCHAT: Workflow collaboration tool

For those who are accompanying us, I would like to say that we will be helping several companies to obtain their own communication.

We are focused on the best processes for the development of pimentaCHAT. We are creating a clear documentation and structure so that all our partners, both when our users, can take advantage of all the possibilities of this software.

We’ve launched a new documentation system that allows direct contributions. With the new system you can locally stage and test your contributions and then push them to the pimentaCHAT docs repository.

Some new features you might have already seen, or will see soon include:

Finally, we have been working on some really exciting projects with our developer team. In the next days we will be presenting these news.

Do you have a pimentaCHAT experience to share? Fill out our survey and we’ll aim to feature everyone who participated!

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